Katie Hopkins faces backlash for comments about Prince William and Harry's mental health campaigning

By: Bill Hahn
April 20, 2017

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Katie Hopkins has been criticised for saying Prince William and Harry should “put a sock in it” after the Royals spoke about their mental health struggles.

The controversial columnist published a post accusing the princes of “bleating on” about their mother Princess Diana’s death, saying she prefers the Royals “brilliantly British” and cold.

It comes after William and Harry drew praise from charities and campaigners for marking a “true turning point” in the battle to remove the mental health stigma.

Prince Harry said his mother’s death left him in “total chaos” and in need of counselling in his late 20s, while his brother William said the shock of the accident 20 years ago has “never left him”.

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Mental health charity Mind said it is receiving almost 40 per cent more calls per day since last week and praised the impact of the Royals’ speaking out.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of mental health charity Mind, said: “This is a monumental time for mental health.

“It’s inspiring to see Prince Harry speaking out about his experiences. It shows how far we have come in changing public attitudes to mental health that someone so high-profile can open up about something so difficult and personal.

“A number of callers specifically mentioned the impact the royal family had on their decision to call, and said they felt it was important in helping to tackle stigma which sadly still surrounds mental health, which might otherwise prevent them for asking for support."

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity SANE, said: “This explosion of royals and celebrities speaking out about their own feelings inevitably causes controversy.

“But if the result is that people feel liberated to talk about their own experiences and seek help if they become overwhelming or debilitating, it could help drive the change we so badly need in how mental health is perceived and treated.”

Ms Hopkins has angered many on social media over her comments, with the columnist having come under fire in the past for calling people who are suicidal “attention- seeking b*******” on Twitter.

Serena posted: “I can't believe people (read: Katie Hopkins) are having a go at Prince William and Harry for speaking out about mental health issues.”

In her column for the Daily Mail, Ms Hopkins said: “Is there any chance Prince William and Prince Harry could just put a sock in it for a bit and quit bleating on about their struggle for sanity?

I can't BELIEVE people (read: Katie Hopkins) are having a go at Prince William&Harry for speaking out abt mental health issues - suicide is

— serena (@s_er_ena)

“You can applaud their bravery and their honesty. You might even think it is nice to see the Royals are actual humans with failings.

“But I prefer my Royals cold. Ice cold. Like the Queen.

“I don't want them to emote. I want them aloof and positively hostile.”

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