Melanie Snider, Slippery Rock University '14

By: Charley Bridges
April 21, 2017

Location: Northampton, Pennsylvania
College/University attended: Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, Pa. (2014)
Major: Recreational therapy with a minor in psychology
Career:  Recreational therapist at KidsPeace, a private charity serving the behavioral and mental health needs of children and families.

Why did you choose Slippery Rock University?

I liked their focus on sciences and health within the recreational therapy major; the equine facility was right on campus; the vibe of the town; and their focus on sustainable living. Slippery Rock has dorms and buildings that grow grass and plants on their roof. Some of the gardens supply food for dining facilities at the university. They focus on being cutting edge.

How are you using what you learned in college today?

In my career today, I have to do the documentation they taught me at school. I write assessments, document progress, implement ways to run groups and plan all the ingredients that will make therapy successful.

What were some of your best college experiences?

One of my best college experiences was being an orientation ambassador for three years. I guided freshmen orientations, did skits and presentations, and talked with families and faculty. This opportunity helped me in public speaking, communication and building self esteem.

Advice for students thinking about college:

Look for a school that encompasses the major you are looking for and more. Not just the major you are thinking of now, but related majors in case you get into it and a different aspect catches your eye.

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