Therapeutic Recreation

By: Alberto Hester
April 12, 2017

Program description

The Therapeutic Recreation program prepares you to work within recreation, health, or social service delivery systems serving individuals with illness or disabilities. You will acquire the skills to complete client assessments, develop and evaluate group and individualized programs, and use a variety of facilitative techniques to assist individuals to participate in meaningful recreational activities that will enhance health, improve functional ability, and increase quality of life.

The program is based on a firm belief of the inherent benefits of play, recreation and leisure to all individuals. You will learn to adapt recreation activities so individuals with a variety of disabling conditions can participate and to use recreation as a therapeutic tool to improve/restore health and wellness.

Graduates of this program are eligible to become registered members of (R/TRO). Their membership type will depend on the postsecondary credentials they hold:

  • R/TRO for graduates with degrees
  • R/TRO DIP for graduates with diplomas

Graduates may also apply to become a (CTRS) using one of two specific pathways ().

Part-time delivery option

We are pleased to offer this graduate certificate in a

Admission information

Admission requirements

- Post-secondary diploma or degree, with a specialty in health or human services.

Admission details

Applicants must meet ONE of the following requirements to be eligible for admission to this program:

  • Post-secondary diploma or degree, with a specialty in health or human services.

Selection process

Applicants will be asked to submit a current resumé. Academic and experiential learning of all applicants will be assessed.


Mandatory Courses

TREC1002 Assessment Processes of Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1003 Foundations of Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1004 Adapted Recreation for Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1005 Recreation Therapy with Selected Populations
TREC1009 Organizational Leadership: Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1010 Facilitative Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1011 Research in Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1012 Therapeutic Relationships in Recreation Therapy
TREC1007 Leisure Education
TREC1008 Issues and Trends in Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1015 Nature of Disabilities in Therapeutic Recreation
TREC1014 Biological Sciences in Therapeutic Recreation


TREC1017 Internship

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